Women's Empowerment Yoga & Leadership Development Retreat  

This is a weeklong immersive experience of empowerment, connection, and transformation.  I know from experience that women need support in prioritizing ourselves and creating the life we want.  It is my hope that this retreat is a place where we can slow down and connect to our inner voice, listen, and discover how to live our unique truth in the service of all.

Themes for the week

Day 1 – I Am Here: Connecting to our roots

Day 2 – I Am Alive: Tuning into the feminine energy

Day 3 – I Am Powerful: Accessing our personal power

Day 4 – I Am Loved: Practicing self-love

Day 5 – I Am Creative: Expressing our inner voice

Day 6 – I Am Wise: Listening to our intuition

Day 7 – I Am Capable: Living in possibility